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Join in the Commitment

Promising an annual gift ensures our doors remain open


Support Survivors of Human Trafficking

Thank you for considering Sanctum House,

Like so many others, I have been touched by trauma. I had watched my oldest son, Jonathan, check in-and-out of short-term recovery programs struggling with addiction. We learned the long and hard way that quality short-term recovery facilities, those meant for the local community, were rarely free and often cost-prohibitive.

I wanted to find a way to help, if not for my son, then for survivors. I heard Edee educate about the extensive healing journey for trafficking survivors. I learned about the need for shelters and services that treat the lasting impacts of trauma.

The residents first learn trust. They learn to trust that they are safe and supported. Most importantly, they rebuild trust in themselves. Annual Giving is our opportunity to build on their trust. I’ve watched our Residents doing the hard part. By joining us, committing to our mission and program, we can grow our sanctuary of healing and help more survivors in the future.

The services we provide adapt with each new survivor that walks through our doors. We cannot predict the pieces that need to be put back together, but we’ve built a place where together, we can find them. Today, our two-year program provides mental and physical healthcare, legal aid, job training, educational opportunities, 24/7 on-site staff, mentorship, and more. We’ve grown quickly, and already helped over 90 women, but the need is far greater.

As our program proves successful with each new graduate, we build our community of partners, donors, and volunteers. The best way to enable the recovery of trafficking survivors is through a commitment to stand by. We promise to be there; they do the hard work.

Life is hard and being able to see a donation contribute to a greater good is fulfilling. Please take the time to consider how you can be a part of our commitment. Consider your time, treasure, and talent, and let us know how you can help.

Jennifer Baenziger

Chief Marketing Officer

Sanctum House